Friday, August 08, 2008

Scary news

You know it's never fun to get a phone call asking how a member of your family is doing when you know nothing is wrong. My mom's friend called yesterday to ask how my uncle was. She saw on the news that he and his four girls were in a car accident. Mom and I heard about this accident yesterday morning. It was bad. Mom then proceeds to call every extended family member she can think of to find out how everyone is. They were very blessed. Just come cuts bruises. The police have said it was the worst crash without a fatality that they have ever seen. A head on collision caused by a 16 year old driving 65 mph (in either a 55 or 45 zone) while texting. The two things that saved my family is that they were in their big white truck and were all buckled. They are all home now resting. One a brighter note their baby is supposed to come home tomorrow. He was born a few days after Noah. He was 13 weeks early.

My grandmother is also in the hospital. She had a heart attack, but she is ok.

Oh, and Bryan has what the girls had.

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Jen said...

Sorry you are having such a streak of bad luck in your family. Hope everyone is OK.