Monday, August 25, 2008


Boy, it sure starts early.

Savanna is 7 and obsessed with all things Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Camp Rock, etc. Basically all that stuff on Disney Channel. Mady is 3. I turned the speakers on when I pulled my blog page up. Jonas Brothers Burning Up was playing and she ran in from the other room screaming *JONAS BROTHERS, JONAS BROTHERS* *sigh* already. Now she wants a Jonas Brothers sandwich for lunch.

Here are some random pics from yesterday.

My kids as we were leaving for church. Sam was so excited because this was his new white shirt and tie.

Savanna and Madalyn are best friends. See the freaky glowing eyes?

Auntie Nay Nay with her nephews, Sam, Noah, and Aden.

I had to lighten this one to be able to see the boys. They were making silly faces. Aden I think is trying to Dino Up from Dino Squad.


Michelle said...

Aw, total cuteness! I love it! As for the Disney channel thing, it's just one of those things. Mine is stuck on Barbie stuff, so I might want to trade obsessions?

Michelle said...

Nevermind...I was showing her the pictures of her cousins here (which are TOTALLY adorable!) and she saw that part about Hannah Montana. Guess who's obsessed with Hannah Montana now? I can totally commiserate with you.