Sunday, September 03, 2006

Been awhile

Life got busy, I haven't posted for a long time.

Savanna started Kindergarden. I had a really hard time the first few weeks. We were planning to homeschool, but until I get my post partum depression under control and get the house together I just can't do it. It was so bad. I wasn't cleaning at all. I was meeting the needs of the kids and that was it. I got back on my meds and am doing better. So hopefully we will be able to homeschool next year. But I'm afraid she isn't going to want to homeschool after this. And I'm also afraid I won't want her to. I know that doesn't make me a bad mom. Ok, not true, I don't know that. Secretly I fear that it does. She loves school, she loves her teacher. She wants to be in Kindergarden forever. It was so cute. She said that when she grows up she wants to have a baby and name her Miss Gately so she never forgets. It was so cute. I miss her so much during the day when she's gone. It will get easier, right?