Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Seren's life

Seren's life

Sam had his ct scan this morning. Just got the results. All clear. I am so relieved. I was so worried and he's ok. Now we have to follow up with the pede, but I'm sure he will say it's migraines. That's what he thought to begin with. Still sad that my little boy has to endure that, but much better than something else.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

My first entry

I figure I'm online enough to write a journal entry everyday. Maybe this way I'll actually remember to do it. And then once I get my printer running again I can print and put into a binder and viola, a journal.

Things are crazy here. Bryan got laid off on Thursday. Just hours after we found out that Sam needs a ct scan. He's been saying his head hurts for awhile. Took him to the ped and he thinks Sam has inherited my migraines. But since Sam has lost conciousness several times after hitting his head we need to do a ct scan to make sure there isn't some other reason. I'm so worried about my poor little boy. He's not even three yet. I never thought I would be praying for migraines, but I find myself doing just that. Although during the last episode I almost changed my mind. THen I realised what it could be if it isn't migraines and that scares me more.

Bryan is going to apply for a job tomorrow. My dad's company is hiring and Bry has the qualifications to get a better paying job. So we're praying for that. And great benifits. I could probably even get Sam into a chiropractor which will be great if he does have migraines.

I'm ready for things to just calm down. I want a nice boring life for a few weeks.