Friday, May 30, 2008

He's finally here!

Noah Calvin Chandler was born Thursday May 29, 2008 at 9:46 pm. He is 22 inches long and weighs in at a whopping 10 lbs 6 oz!!!!! Here are some pics. Here's my BIG boy!!!!!

Beside cousin Anna who is six weeks older!Another pic with Anna

With my big brother Sam.
With my big sister Savanna.

With my big sister Mady!
My boys are sleeping!
A close up of Noah

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Random pics of the kids

Mady and her best friend Kaytlyn.
Sam dancing with Koal.

Kids on the trampoline the first day we got it.
Sam on the soccer field.
My girls missing the same tooth.
Mady chillin' at the park on Easter.
Mady and Auntie Nay Nay

Kids at the park on Easter.

Sam playing soccer.
Savanna playing soccer.

Sam and Savanna warming up.

Mady in her bike gear.

Savanna being goofy on her field trip. This might have been when she was doing the cha-cha slide.

Savanna in her glasses

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dear Heaven, please make the phone calls stop!

I swear if I have to deal with one more phone call or e-mail asking where my baby is I will scream. I know exactly where my baby is, still inside of me. Why is s/he not here yet? Well, honestly I don't know. Apparently because it's not TIME yet. I'm officially *due* in two days. Does that mean I will automatically be induced, nope it sure does not. I won't even think about induction until at least 42 weeks. Heavenly Father has a time table and as anxious and uncomfortable as I am, it doesn't matter. I'm sick of other people bothering me about it. I can not do one single thing to make this baby make an appearance sooner. Trust me, I would love to. Of course, there is usually a bright side to everything. The bright side to not having the baby yet is that I got to go on Savanna's field trip with her today. That will be for a separate post, though. But seriously, please, make the the phone calls stop!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Miss Savanna got her glasses the other day. She looks so cute in them! So grown up! My camera is still dead, I think it needs replaced, so no pics at the moment. They are hot pink wire frames. Right now she only has to wear them when doing school work. She barely needed them, you can buy her scrip in reading glasses at Wal-Mart. They, of course, don't come in kid sizes, though. We have great insurance though, so they didn't cost much. She thinks they are the coolest thing ever. The eye dr said in a few years she will need to wear glasses all the time. She already has an astigmatism. So I will post pics when I get a chance.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Still pregnant

I'm still pregnant. I'm miserable. I am so past done. Mady's third birthday is Tuesday and she keeps saying she wants the baby to come out on her birthday. I personally would love a day sooner than that, but if not, Tuesday works great for me. My mom will be out of town for work on Mon, Tues, and Wed and is very sad I might have the baby while she is gone. It's probably her last grandchild until Josh and Brinae start having babies so she really doens't want to miss it.