Monday, May 19, 2008

Dear Heaven, please make the phone calls stop!

I swear if I have to deal with one more phone call or e-mail asking where my baby is I will scream. I know exactly where my baby is, still inside of me. Why is s/he not here yet? Well, honestly I don't know. Apparently because it's not TIME yet. I'm officially *due* in two days. Does that mean I will automatically be induced, nope it sure does not. I won't even think about induction until at least 42 weeks. Heavenly Father has a time table and as anxious and uncomfortable as I am, it doesn't matter. I'm sick of other people bothering me about it. I can not do one single thing to make this baby make an appearance sooner. Trust me, I would love to. Of course, there is usually a bright side to everything. The bright side to not having the baby yet is that I got to go on Savanna's field trip with her today. That will be for a separate post, though. But seriously, please, make the the phone calls stop!!!!

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