Wednesday, September 10, 2008

checking in

Things have been crazy busy. Most of my here and there online time has been devoted to researching food allergies and breastfeeding. So no tiem to post. We think Noah is allergic to cow's milk. Right now we are doing a total elimination diet for me. It's oh so much fun. I didn't really know how much stuff I normally eat has some type of cow's milk protein in it. The hardest part is finding things with no casein or whey. It took me ten minutes of reading labels to find a dairy free butter type spread. It was grossly expensive for the amount I got. Same thing for bread. Now i think I'm not eating enough calories and it's affecting my milk supply. *sigh* It's been very stressful. Noah had finally stopped screaming at every feeding, but now he's doing it again and I haven't had anything for over a week. No eggs, either. I'm kinda at a loss for the moment.

The rest of us are wonderful. Well, except for my severe lack of sleep. Bryan is working. Kids are doing great in school. Mady is having fun. I'm beyond tired of listening to her sing Jonas Brothers songs, but what can you do?