Sunday, June 29, 2008

My middle of the night miracle!

Calling Bryan's cell phone repeatedly at 2:30 am makes for a frantic ,usband! but I could not contain my joy. Noah woke up to nurse. I fed him on one side and he was kinda asleep so I laid him on his side so I could run to the bathroom while he woke himself up enough to eat. Before I got up I watched him. His hurt arm fell behind him and I reached to put it in front of him. I didn't think he was awake enough to use his shoulder to drag it in front of him like he sometimes does. I didn't reach his arm before he did something that SHOCKED me. He pulled his arm up sideways! Like he was reaching for the ceiling. He only has about a 100 degree range of motion that direction and he got it almost up to that. I just sat there and cried I was so excited! THen I thanked Heavenly Father. I'm so excited!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Noah was blessed Sunday June 22.

Noah in his blessing outfit. Both he and Sam were blessed wearing this outfit and wrapped in the blue blanket I made.
Here is a close up of Noah.
Noah, Bryan, and Serenity
Our family. Savanna, Sam, Bryan, Madalyn, Serenity, and Noah.
My family. Back row is my dad, Donnell, nephew Aden, sis Brinae, bro Josh. Second row, sis Cassandra, mom Bridgette, me, Noah, Bryan, and Mady. Front row, niece Abby, Sam, and Savanna.

Here are Noah and Anna. Anna is 6 weeks older than Noah. It looks like they are holding hands. Bryan and his twin sister Celia and their babies.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I guess we must be doing something right

We were talking about Locks of Live with my bil and sil the other day. Savanna later asked more about it. Yesterday she decided she wanted to donate her hair, so today we went and did that. She is so excited and can't wait to mail it off so another child can get it. I'm so proud of her!

Before. It needs to be brushed.
Holding her ponytail.
After. She looks so grownup now!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Noah's Physical Therapy Evaluation

Ok, the physical therapist is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!! She was so nice and she showed Bryan and I several range of motion exercises to do a few times a day. She said basically right now we are providing his pt and she is tracking his progress. She was very encouraged by how well he is moving his hand and shoulder already. She said an adults range of motion is 180 degrees (to lift the arm from your side straight up in the air) she said a newborn has a bit less than that, but Noah's is about 100 degrees. She talked a bit about surgery, but said it is way too early to tell if he will need it. She's leaning towards him not needing it.

He so did not like her touching him. The first time she was moving his arm to check his range of motion and it hurt him. After he let out that hurt cry, he cried anytime she touched him. After I got him calmed down we laid him down and she had me practice the exercises. He did fine, didn't cry at all. After that she would guide my hand if she needed to so she wouldn't touch him. It was really funny.

So all in all I'm very pleased with the Kistler Center and very excited for Noah.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who knew

Who knew life as a mother of four would be so busy? Just kidding. I just don't seem to find time to get on the computer as much lately. There is always so much to do and I still haven't gotten around to doing any housework at all. I'm finally healing better and can move without being in severe pain. Noah should have an app for a physical therapy evaluation sometime this week or next. It depends upon how long the waiting list is. Savanna has decided she has found a nickname for Noah. He's Nemo because he has a *lucky fin* She's so cute! Mister man is fussy, must be time to eat. Maybe I'll get back here before another entire week has passed.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Two week check up

Mr Noah is officially a piggy. We went for our two week check ups today. Last Monday he was down to 9 lbs 14 oz. Very normal to go down a few oz. He's now 10 lbs 15 oz! That's 1 lb 1 oz in 8 days!!! I don't have to worry that he's getting enough to eat! His arm is also doing much better. He's moving his shoulder kinda a lot. I'm so very grateful!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

More yummy baby pics

Here is my sleeping Noah Bear.

Here we are all dressed up for our first day of church. He just woke up so not such a happy boy.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It's hot out here!

It's been so hot here. Around 100 with the heat index. So we broke out the kiddie pool today. Here are some pics.
Such a diva!

Noah at 6 days old! Isn't he a cutie?

Monday, June 02, 2008

Noah's birth story

I spent every day of May wondering *Is this it?* *Is this it?* Starting May 2 I had contractions every single day, sometimes for hours on end. May 23 I went into labor, only to stop 36 hours later at 4 centimeters. It was all very disheartening.

Finally at 4:02 am May 29 my water broke. I was so excited I cried. Contractions started about an hour later coming every 5 minutes. The midwife, Debbie, came out around 9 am . Contractions started slowing down. I went walking around the block several times, but it didn't really do much. Debbie suggested we go driving down some bumpy roads, so my mom drove me. It was horrible. The contractions started coming two minutes apart and were very painful. Debbie checked me and I cried when she said I was only 4 1/2 centimeters. I got in the birth pool and it helped. I was able to find some sort of Zen and talk to myself through my contractions. I just kept telling myself they were almost over. It helped a lot, plus squeezing Bryan's hand was nice, too.

At around 4:30 pm things started getting really intense. Debbie checked and I was 7 1/2. We thought things would go very fast. She had to leave at 5:30 to attend her sons high school graduation. Robin, the other midwife, would stay with us. Debbie and I both talked about how sad we were that she would miss the birth. She said she would be back around 9 ish to check on us. She did not miss the birth. I had a very small part of my cervix that would not move. Debbie called it my bubble. It prevented Noah's head from coming through the cervix completely. We spent hours trying to get it to g away. I went though endless contractions fighting the urge to push hping it would help the bubble go away. It didn't. They massage it and pushed it. Nothing helped. We changed positions, nothing. Finally I pushed while Debbie pushed it back over his head. That didn't help either. Debbie finally suggested I try to use the bathroom and then we were going to try something else, but now I don't remember what it was. While I was on the toilet the bubble moved and all of a sudden his head was right there. I barely made it to the couch. I started pushing and boy it sure took longer than I remembered to push his head out. Finally I did. In reality it probably wasn't that long, but it felt like it. It turns out it was a very good thing I did not get back into the birth pool because right about then all hell broke loose. That really is the only way to describe it. Debbie looked at me and said we needed to get the baby out in the next contraction. It didn't work. I was pushing as hard as I could. I wasn't sure exactly what was going on and asked and Debbie said he was stuck on my pelvic bone. He needed out NOW. I cried that I couldn't do it and she said I had to. My mom started screaming at me that I needed to do it now. She was crying. Bryan, Debbie, and Robin were all down there (Bryan was supposed to be delivering himself before Noah got stuck). One was pushing my vagina back as far as they could while the other two pulled. My poor little Noah has perfect finger bruises. Finally we got him out. They put him on my chest and Bryan told me we had a boy. He was born at 9:46 pm. He was a bit blue. He did not start breathing or crying and got more blue. Debbie rushed for the oxygen while Robin started rubbing him trying to stimulate him. He was still attached to the cord, so still getting oxygen through it, but he needed to breathe on his own. It took four minutes for him to breathe or cry. During those four minutes I heard the word transfer whispered. Luckily we didn't have to. Noah started crying and breathing and pinked right up, but those four minutes were a bit scary.

Now we're both doing well. My pelvic bone is bruised, but other than that I feel fine. Miraculously I did not tear at all, even with all the pulling and pushing. Noah has an appointment with a pediatrician today because he has a bruised nerve in his arm from being stuck and being pulled. He moves his hand and grips, but doesn't move his arm much. Hopefully we can fix it. I feel horrible guilt over his injury and hope it isn't permanent. I have a friend whose son had the same thing, only worse, he couldn't move his hand or fingers at all. In less than a year you couldn't tell that anything had ever been wrong. I hope we have the same blessing.

Oh, and my boy got stuck because he was huge. 22 inches long, 14 5/8 inches head, and 10 lbs 6 oz!!!