Friday, August 01, 2008

Do people really think this way still? Oh and a super big YAY!!

My baby can roll over from his front to his back! I can't actually witnessed it, but twice now we have laid him on his stomach and left the room to come back to him on his back. Once he was all alone in the room and the other time my other kids were in there, but they were all asleep. It's exciting, but bittersweet. He's only 2 months old.

This is a vent about my in laws, so people who do not wish to read it, don't got further. :)

Things have been pretty great with the in laws since last November. I was just telling Bryan over the Fourth of July weekend how I still am apprehensive when we go over there. 8 months of niceness doesn't negate the previous 7 years. I have enjoyed the last 8 months immensely, but at times felt I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Bryan's sister Sarah and her family are visiting from Utah. Today Sarah, Celia (Bryan's twin sister), and I ran to the store. Noah had just eaten and we weren't going to be gone long, so I left him with Bryan. The only child we took was Celia's Anna, who is just a bit older than Noah. While we were gone my mom was dropped off at my house by a co-worker. She called my in laws to see if I was there. My Father in law told her *She just ran off somewhere and I don't know where she is. If you talk to her, tell her to come back and take care of her kids.* I told her Bryan was there and she was surprised. Why would he have this reaction? Afterwards Bryan said it wasn't just me, he mumbled about *Moms needing to be home with their kids* a few times. Ummm.....My mother in law offered to watch Celia's boys and the other kids were being taken care of by their dads. Last I checked dads were just as capable as moms. Mom asked why we didn't get the ice cream we had planned on getting (one of two things Savanna can eat without being in pain) and I told her what my mom said. Apparently dad got upset because Sam asked him to put butter on a bagel while the other adults were watching kids in the pool, which he wouldn't do. I guess I just don't get it. I'm a mom yes, but I'm not the only parent. The only thing Bryan can't do that I can is breastfeed Noah. In fact, in many things he is better than I am.

Tomorrow will be better right?

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Jen said...

Totally lame. Mothers are nurturers yes, but that does NOT mean they have to be with their children 24/7. And as I recall, fathers help get the kids here so they have some responsibility for them too.

If your FIL doesn't want to watch the kids, he should just say so instead of passing value judgment.