Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bittersweet excitement

Sam had his Open House tonight. I have been so excited for days. Didn't know which of us was more excited. All of a sudden as we're driving to the school I get all choked up. I'm going to be a basket case next Tuesday. My baby is getting so big, well, they all are, but Kindergarten is such a big thing. Sam was all excited to put his pencil box in his desk, but he wanted to put all the rest of his supplies in there, too. The baby wipes and Kleenex, too. We asked him what name he wanted to go by since his desk has Samuel on it. He doesn't want Samuel, or even Sam, he wants to be called Sam Burton Chandler. I told him that was too many names and we should just stick with Sam. He likes his teacher and was excited when he saw her picture in the hall as we were leaving. I'm a bit nervous about one of the boys in his class though. Apparently he was in this class last year and he got held back. The mom of a girl in class, had her son in this class last year. The kid who was held back is a bully and has a real problem with choking other kids. One turned blue! I'm so afraid Sam will be made fun of because of his speech disorder. I don't want that for him. I'm hoping it won't be an issue, but I'm such a worrier. Seriously though, no parent wants their kid to get their feelings hurt.

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Michelle said...

Aw, it's so hard being the mom, isn't it? I hear you on the worrying thing, dear. I hope it all works out. :) Endure to the end, or at least high school, I guess. :)