Thursday, August 14, 2008

Savanna's Open House

We went to Savanna's open house tonight. She is kinda excited, but she's so shy. Her class is right beside the teacher she had last year and she says she plans to spend lots of time there. Her First grade teacher has moved up to teaching Second grade. Savanna was not one of the lucky 6 who had her last year to be placed in the same class. Mrs. Masingale said she told the principal she would love to *lube* (have all the same students as last year), and he said that was fine, but he had to call all the parents and ask if it was ok. She decided against that because she said it would break her heart for a parent to say no. I see where she is coming from, it would break my heart, too, but we so would have loved to have her again. I'm trying not to be paranoid and think there is some reason she didn't want Savanna in her class. She said she loves Savanna, so I don't think it's her. Hopefully it's not because I was a sucky class parent. My mom is probably rolling her eyes, but we all know that's how I think. Anyways, Sav's new teacher is very nice. She got all choked up talking about how much she loves all her students, how she gets so close to them and year later still cherishes them. Just a few more days and school starts!


Jen said...

I haven't heard a single word about an open house for J, and I'm wondering if they are going to have one. I'm glad Savannah got a good teacher!

Serenity said...

We got letters about a week before it. There have been signs up on all the schools for weeks though. School starts for her tomorrow and she's very very excited.