Monday, January 07, 2008

Girl scout stresses

Isn't high school supposed to be over? I have encountered more high school like drama since I graduated than I expected. THe latest is over girl scouts. Amongst the leaders. It's incredibly sad. My troop is consolidating with another troop. The lady who switched places with me to become the leader has given up. I don't want to take it over right now since I will most of our activities in the coming months. We have several trips planned with the whole service unit (all the troops in our city) in April, May, June. It would not be fair to the girls to not be able to go on the trips because their leader is hugely pregnant or has a newborn. The troop we are consolidating with is established, so that's good.

The drama part though it getting to me. I hardly want to answer my phone right now. It's a bunch of he said she said. Why would one grown woman tell another that a third woman hates her? Really? What is the motivation? I'm just frustrated and part of me is grateful that the only role I have now is to take my daughter to her meetings and that's it.

On a brighter note, anyone wanna buy girl scout cookies?


Jen said...

I do not get it! I get tired of it too when I encounter it. I love GS cookies (samoas), but I'm trying to eliminate chocolate from my diet...

MommyK said...

I don't get it either. I'd love some cookies though! (And I'll get those recipes to you soon!)