Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Learned habits

Yesterday when Bry got home from picking the kids up from school he said Sam had learned something new from our neighbors son. It seems that Tristan learned to flip people off at school, which he then taught Sam. Thankfully we have tinted windows on the van because the boys were flipping cars off as dh was driving home. He had a talk with Sam and explained to him that it is really not nice to flip people off and Sam says he isn't going to do it anymore. I certainly hope not. Especially not at school or church. *sigh* At least if it was in Primary, the Primary President is Tristan's aunt, so she knows all about the habit (his parents can't get him to stop doing it) and where Sam got it. I'm worried about what he will learn next!

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Jen said...

Oh no! Don't you hate that?

Too cute about Bry feeling the baby move.