Friday, January 11, 2008

Savanna's freak out

Yesterday, just a normal day, until Savanna gets off the school bus at Sam's preschool. It's a 5 minute ride. Just enough for her to get nice and hysterical. 10 kids get off and about 6 girls are all sobbing. Their school gym caught on fire at the very end of the day. Fire alarm, evacuate the whole school, Savanna does have her coat or her backpack. She was crying because she was scared, freezing (it was lower 40's and pretty windy), and she didn't have her backpack, so she couldn't do her homework. For those of you with K, and First grade girls, you probably know what i"m talking about. If they forget their backpack it's the most horrible thing ever. Lots of crying. So we got home and I sat down to talk to her. She was scared, worried about school today, and worried about not having her backpack and coat for today. I called the school and they said everything was fine. A small fire in one of the heaters, mostly just a lot of smoke. I told her the school was fine, they are having school today, and nobody has their backpacks. She asked daddy for a blessing and things are all good now. I'm thankful that i didn't have to pick her up at the school. We had a cookie rally for girl scouts last night and all the parents there who picked up their kids said it was very scary to drive up to the school to see lots of smoke and all the kids in teh yard bawling.

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Jen said...

Wow, I can totally see why she would be scared & upset. Poor kid.