Monday, January 21, 2008

the battered child

On Saturday I was at a baby shower an hour away and Bryan called me. He said he wasn't sure, but he thought Madalyn might have bit entirely through her bottom lip. She was in the back yard and tripped walking to the step (which is actually just a cinder block) and hit her mouth on it. She bit the inside of her bottom lip and scraped the outside of it. Mostly on the left side. So while I'm on the phone he figures out that she did not bite through her lip. Afterwards I was kinda frustrated that he would call me and tell me, without making sure first, but I suppose he panicked.

Then Sunday morning we were walking down the front steps and a little girl with us accidentally pushed her down the steps. She hurt her lips again, same side. She scraped her gums and slightly pushed one of her caps up. Possibly chipped part of her eye tooth. A friend of mine at church is a dental hygenist, so she looked at Mady's mouth to see if we needed a dental visit, luckily we don't.

She's had a very rough weekend, but she's all smiles. Here are her battle scars.


Jen said...

Oh ouch! Poor kid! It must be a week for accidents, my DD pulled a door back over her toe, and popped up the toenail!

MommyK said...

Poor baby! She sure looks happy though!