Thursday, December 27, 2007

Talked to the nurse

It was not the horrible nurse. She was so wonderful. I guess i let my sister get to me. I explained to the nurse about Mady and what happens when she eats things with milk. I explained about Aden and how his reactions are and what the Children's Hospital dr said about lactose intolerance. She explained that there are different levels. That Mady can obviously eat things like crackers and white bread (not sure about this, we don't have it often), but there are other things that are harder on her. She said the dr would suggest dietary changes and since we have already done that there is no pint in giving her any meds. I asked about the breath test and she said there was no reason to do that since the dietary changes are working. She said it is very hard on kids. It's hard on kids who have diarrhea , but much harder on kids who have abdominal cramp reactions. I don't want to put her through that for nothing, not when what we are doing is already working.

Jen, she doesn't have a reaction for days from the same thing. It just seems that we are fine for a while and then something new things will be introduced or something will sneak in all within days of each other. Like ebbs and flows. She did have colic, but I completely cut all dairy out of my diet, not even processed foods with casein or whey. That didn't help much and the colic went away around four months. I did read that sometimes kids with colic are more likely to become lactose intolerant, but i don't remember where I read it, so I don't know if it's from a reputable source.


Jen said...

Can you find liquid Lactaid where you are? It helps Jordan even after the fact, somewhat any way if he has something high in lactose. We had to crush the capsules when he was small, and mix it in applesauce, but he eventually got to where he could chew them, and now he takes them as a pill.

Serenity said...

I looked at Wal-Mart last night and didn't find a liquid, but i did find a pill. Unfortunately it doesn't have a dosing chart on the box. I think I'm going to call the dr back today and ask them how much I can give her. Tonight we are going to a late Christmas dinner at the in laws, mil does not listen, so I'm sure there will be milk in lots of stuff. I figured it was just easier to have her take the pill than say anything to mil.