Thursday, December 27, 2007

Been so busy lately

I feel like I'm never home anymore. I have been running so much lately.

Our Christmas was good. We spent Christmas Eve night at my mom's again. I don't want to do that anymore. I didn't want to do it this year, but i have a hard time saying no. Miss Savanna Rose woke me up at 2 am (after we had already had a possessed alarm clock go off, two kids wake up crying because it was about 90 degrees in our room, and listening to my loud mouth sister and her friends laugh loudly until 12:30) to tell me Santa had come. SHe then proceeded to wake me up every ten minutes for the next hour to tell me that she couldn't wait and we needed to wake everyone else up. I finally showed her the clock and told her she couldn't wake me up until it said 5 am or she wasn't opening any presents until everyone else did. I know, it was mean, but I was tired, cranky, and desperate.

Isn't the lactose thing sup.posed to get easier as after the diagnosis? It hasn't. We have weeks where things are great, followed by several days of horrible reactions. Apparently I'm going to have to ban hot chocolate from my house. If anyone else has it, Mady wants. The screaming for this is as bad as the colic. I called the dr, I just wanted to come in, talk, maybe get a formal diagnosis, but apparently they don't usually see kids for a lactose intolerance diagnosis. What the crap is that about? They are going to call me back, but i don't have much hope. This is the call back nurse who ha refused to let us come in before for what she thought were chicken pox (so was not cp) and while she was listening to my child SCREAM in pain. He was so loud she couldn't even hear me, but nope, he was fine, didn't need to be seen. *sigh* We need new insurance so we can get a better dr.


Jen said...


You need to get all chocolate out of your house. Its loaded with lactose. Hot chocolate will be bad even if you make it with soy or rice milk! So is store bought bread and most processed foods-its used as a binding agent in almost anything baked. Read labels carefully, if they say milk or lactose, they are out. So is goats milk or any other milk derived products. You should be OK with hard cheese.

I don't really know what a LI diagnosis is going to do for you, unless its for WIC. My doctor took my word for it and wrote the script for WIC. OF course at that time LI testing was expensive & invasive, and my dr had no clue how to do it. It may be beyond the scope of your doctors practice.

Any lactose & the reaction will last only as long as its in their stomach/intestines. Meaning, 1 glass of milk, and the reaction should be over within 4-24 hours. It should not last days-that sounds more like a protein allergy, which can take 72 hours to flush out the allergen.

How is she handling cheese? Hard cheese like cheddar is probably OK for LI, but for a protein allergy, it would make her sick.

Jen said...

PS-if Mady had colic, this is probably why. Breastmilk is also loaded with lactose. LI is sometimes misdiagnosed as colic.