Saturday, December 29, 2007


Sometimes my wonderful husband drives me up the wall! Last night we had our late Christmas dinner with the in laws. I had to ask mil to leave some potatoes out for Mady so I could use her milk. She thinks it's too expensive to cook with Mady's milk. I offered to provide the milk. We are blessed enough to get it with WIC (without needing a dr note), so it's not like I don't have enough to cook with. Besides, what the alternative? Even if we had to pay almost $4 for a half a gallon, I don't think we really have a choice. There were also several deserts Mady could not eat, not a single one she could. So we went for ice cream after we left. I felt very sad for her to have everyone else eating desert and she couldn't have any. She did eat a bit of cool whip since it's doesn't have lactose in it. We got some sherbet, but all they had was cherry limeade. She didn't like it much. So what does dh do? Sneaks her some of his ice cream. I was very upset. He said he can't stand to see her cry because she couldn't have any. I said I couldn't stand to see her screaming in pain, especially knowing I could have prevented it. About an hour and a half later she woke up screaming. Dh tries to talk to her when she's doing this. I have tried explaining it to him. I use the analogy of not asking a woman having contractions any questions because at that moment they really don't care. He obviously doesn't get it. She doesn't want to be held, or talked to, or often even touched. She rolls around the bed, pulling her legs up, kicking and screaming. As soon as she's done she wants to cuddle. It's heartbreaking to watch. Last night I was emotional anyway and she was screaming and I started crying. I hurt for her when she is like that. After about 10-15 minutes she wound down. She sat on my lap, she was so tired and partly asleep. All of a sudden she curled up and let out this heart wrenching howl of pain as the last cramp hit her. I started crying again and my sweet baby girl reached up to kiss my cheek and tell me it's ok. So I felt like crap after that, I'm supposed to be comforting her, not the other way around. I think Bryan finally FINALLY gets it. We're going to go buy some Popsicles or soy ice cream or something today. Something that we can all enjoy.

So now my question is. We've been searching for a lasagna recipe and everyone keeps suggesting cottage cheese, but I don't know if she can eat that. I've also read that some people who are lactose intolerant can eat yogurt because the bacteria breaks a lot of the lactose down. Do I try it knowing she could very likely have a reaction? The biggest part of me says no, I don't want to do that to her. A small part says yes, because she loves yogurt and if she can eat it that would be a great thing for her. Sometimes being a parent is so hard.


MommyK said...

You can use tofu in place of ricotta or cottage cheese. I'm not generally a fan of tofu, but I have a recipe for a beef/spinach lasagna with tofu as the binder that is very good! I'll find it for you.

MommyK said...

Also, do you have a specialty or natural market anywhere near you? A friend of mine has a son who is allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, nuts, peanuts and shellfish, and she has been able to find him baked goods and desserts and stuff that he can eat.

I also read online that some lactose intolerant kids can tolerate small amounts of yogurt, but you could also just buy soy yogurt. Johnny ate it for awhile, and it didn't taste half bad. Silk makes a good one.

I have tons of recipes for homemade baked goods for people with food allergies if you want them too.

Serenity said...

Recipes would be great! We do have one natural place, it's a bit of a drive, but obviously worth it. I think I have to pick Bry up from work this week and it's not far from his work, so I could go then. I had forgotten about it. Thanks!

Jen said...

Sherbet has lactose & milk. Look for sorbet instead or rice dream frozen dessert.

Jordan can't do yogurt or acidophilus milk. My doctor told me he would be able to, and that landed us in the ER with diarrhea for 3 days....Cottage cheese is OK for him, as long as I rinse the buttermilk off of it. Most cheeses are lactose free, especially hard cheeses. I posted some vegetarian/dairy free recipes for you at W&M, but I've never had to modify our lasagna other than rinsing the cottage cheese beforehand.