Monday, March 09, 2009

Not a make me laugh monday

I'm tired. Had a long day. I HATE the time change. It messes the kids up so badly. So it started out rocky. We overslept and I had a hard time getting Sam up and ready for school. Tonya and Brinae came over and I taught Tonya to sew. She made a really cute dress for her daughter (Mady's best friend), Kaytlyn. THen we went to therapy. I LOVE Noah's physical therapist. She is so wonderful. I love when she gets excited about what he is doing. I came home and went shopping with mom, Josh, and Brinae. Bry went to work and then bedtime was a total nightmare. I finally got Noah to sleep when Mady had one of her night terrors. She wakes up screaming and is totally not awake. Some nights she fusses, or talks in her sleep, some nights are full out screaming fits. She woke Noah. Then after she woke up and calmed down she got mad because Noah and I were too loud. Now she's crying again because we aren't in there. I'm ready for bed myself. I wish Noah was.

An amendment. So I was really tired and frustrated when I wrote that. I'm still tired, but not frustrated. After I got Mady calmed down again Noah and I were playing on my bed. I was laying down and I covered my eyes to play peek a boo. He grabbed my hands and did it for me. Then he started clapping my hands. Now, ok, he's not clapping his own hands, but he's clapping mine. We thought he might not clap his hands until after most children do. And I suppose maybe a lot of kids his age already are. Anyways, I'm so amazed at his progress. I'm so proud of him. I'm also proud of myself. Not in a prideful way, but I've worked hard with him. For a long time he HATED when I would do his therapy with him. It's hard to work like that. I am so incredibly grateful for my Father in Heaven. Without Him Noah would not have healed as quickly as he did. I'm so thankful for Priesthood blessings and for a husband who can give them. And now I'm off to bed because the morning comes too early :)

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Karies place said...

I understand what you mean by the time change. Lucky for us my kids are mostly old enough that it doesn't affect us like it used to.

Hugs for your day.