Monday, March 30, 2009

Make Me Laugh Monday

Today we had some errands to do before therapy so we were left with a bit of time before. There is a nice park across the street so Bry and I took Noah there. It was so fun. He LOVES to swing. He laughs and laughs. I took a video on my phone, but it's really poor quality. You can hear him laughing though. It's really cute.

I love that he gets physical therapy, I'm so very grateful to the center and the therapist, but sometimes it breaks my heart. We put shoes on Noah today to see if it would help prevent him from hitching his leg up when he crawls (I really need to post a pic of him so you can see what it looks like). He HATED IT, but IT WORKED. He totally has his daddy's feet and it's hard to find shoes that will fit him, so he not used to them at all. He got so mad because he couldn't do what he wanted to. He cried and cried. There are times during therapy that he cries because he doesn't like to do what she wants him to do. It breaks my heart, but I know it helps him. *sigh*

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