Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What passes for a snow day in Arkansas.

Here are some pics of our snow day today. It's worse than it was yesterday. This morning it took Bryan 45 minutes to drive what is usually 10 minutes and all on the highway. He said he was driving about 30 miles an hour and still sliding a bit on the ice.

Our front porch. A bit of snow, lots of ice.
The flower bed and sidewalk. gain, bit of snow, lot of ice.
Half of our front yard. Where the sun had been shining it's already cleared up, especially across the street. You can't really see it, but the road is still kinda icy.


Karies place said...

Ewww that looks somewhat like our roads this morning. Drive safely if you need to go out.

Tricia said...

Heard about all the yucky weather you all have been getting. We don't have much for ice but a lot of white stuff all around.