Thursday, January 29, 2009


Bryan and I have been doing Noah's physical therapy with him. We've been working on getting him to crawl. It's been slow going. He has recently started using his arms to pull himself across the floor while he's sitting up. Tonight he started something new. He starts out sitting and starts to get into the crawl position, only one leg is still sideways and the other he is using the bottom of his foot rather than his knee. I don't know if I'm making a good visual or not, but it's wonderful. The farther he goes, the more his sideways leg starts to get behind him, where it should be when he crawls. This is a huge deal! I'm so excited! Such a miracle from where he was at birth!!!!


Jessie said...

once he gets this crawling thing under control he's quickly gonna be a walking boy!!!

Serenity said...

Oh, I know. He's been pulling up for 2 months now and takes a few steps while holding on.

Dana said...