Friday, July 25, 2008

My poor Mady Grace

She is sick and so grouchy! Of course I would be, too, if I had blisters in my mouth. This sounds so nasty, because what it is, is never what people first think of when they hear it. She has a herpes infection in her mouth. Herpes Simplex 1, Oral herpes, meaning cold sores. The primary infection either has no symptoms or blisters in the mouth. My baby girl was so lucky enough to get the blisters. She has at least 5. She can't eat, barely drink, and is so not sleeping well. She wakes up several times a night whining. There isn't much I can do for her and there isn't really anything she wants to do. She went swimming at Grandma's and spent half her time there crying. Poor baby.


Michelle said...

Poor little sweetie! And poor adults that have to endure the sadness too. Auntie Michelle is thinking of you sweetie. Get better soon!

Carolyn said...

Poor little girl! I hope they go away soon.

Julie said...

I hope she feels better soon.