Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Noah update

Are you guys tired of them yet? I just can't resist. He had pt yesterday. We are at the moment on a once a month schedule and I do the range of motion exercises at home. So we went yesterday and as I laid him on the table Miss Adele asked how we were doing. I told her I hoped she would be as excited as we were. Barely letting me finish my sentence he pulled his arm up and bent his elbow. Her eyes got HUGE and she just kept saying *OH OH OH* She was caught very off guard and very very excited!!!! She said she did not except such a big improvement in only 4 weeks. She was so excited she had tears in her eyes, as did I. It really and truly is such a miracle. Interestingly, his improvement started speeding up after his blessing (like a Christening for you non-LDS folks), where he was promised he would have full use of his arm. So now we have new exercises to do and another appointment at the end of August.


Carolyn said...

YEA! That's great! I'm so glad he's making huge improvements.

Julie said...

Seren! That's great. Way to go Noah.