Saturday, August 08, 2009

some changes

It's that time of year, school starts in a week and a half! I don't know what I'm going to do, 3 kids will be gone! Savanna will start third grade, Sam first grade, and Mady will go to preschool. It will just be me and Noah. I'm going to try to make some changes. I would love to get the house organized where it doesn't take much to clean. I'm such a clutter bug that it's hard. I'm also going to start walking again. I'll take the kids to school, then go walk while Bry stays up a bit with Noah Bear. I got a heart monitor so I stay around my target heart rate. Apparently this will help me lose weight better. I'm also going to institute a morning meditation time. Scripture reading, prayer, etc. And, of course, less time online. I won't have much time with the changes I hope to make, plus Noah. He won't have anyone to entertain him except for me. I'm looking forward to time with just him. I hope he adjusts better than Mady did when she was the only one left home.

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