Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Make me laugh Monday

Yes, I know it's Tuesday. I meant to write yesterday, but I was too tired. I have seen this on other blogs and I thought it was a cute idea, so I now do Make Me Laugh Mondays.

So we had an adventure filled night last night. I got to laugh at mom's silliness and then at Mady. When mom and I got home Mady wake up awhile later and was very sad that Brinae wasn't still there. In fact, she was quite hysterical. I finally got her calmed down and was cuddling with her. She looked at me and said *I call you mom now, not mommy, just mom* Ummm....Ok. I told her she was silly and she said *I like you eyeball mommy* Me *You like my eyeball?* M- *yep, I like you eyeball, I want to marry you eyeball.* I think someone sets silly when she gets sleepy, no clue where she gets that from ;)

Before all this Mady was playing in the car when Bryan was getting the groceries. She locked the doors when the keys were in it. Not good. We NEVER lock our doors, so usually leave the keys in the car. We didn't realise the car was locked until Bry had to leave for work. So I called mom, she picked him up, but made me and Noah go. I almost left the phone for Brinae, but ended up grabbing it at the last minute. Good thing, too. Her car broke down on the way home. So here she is freaking out everytime someon drives by thinking they might stop. We had alredy caleld for help. I said, maybe it would be a cop, yeah, that's what she was afraid of. She forgot to bring her drivers license so she was afraid of a cop coming and asking for it. Meanwhile I'm worried about psychos. Everytime someone drove by she was pushing Noah into my cheast freaking they would stop. It was hilarious!

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