Monday, February 02, 2009

I did it and got results

I am a very shy person. Often, I just let things go by without saying anything. If I order a drink with no ice and they give me ice, I don't say anything. If I order a burger with no pickles and they give me extra pickles, I don't say anything. A few months ago I bought Noah a vibrating teething ring. THe grapes one pictured here Well, the paint is chipping off the leaves. I was a bit worried that he was ingesting it, so I e-mailed the company yesterday. They responded this morning. THe lady talked about testing and how important safety was, basically saying I didn't need to worry about him eating a bit of it. Then she said that there is a newer version that doesn't have a painted overlay and she is mailing me a replacement today. I guess it does pay to speak up for yourself sometimes, or in the case, for my child.


Karies place said...

Good for you!

Jessie said...

dude, yeah it does good in speaking up for yourself...i mean if i hated pickles and got pickles on my burger i'd be like "what the heck burger people?"