Saturday, May 02, 2009

Been busy

We've been recuperating, spending time with Grandma, and getting ready for Sambo's water b-day party. Sadly the b-day party has been rained out. Still doing the cake and such, but no water stuff. Not just a little rain, tons of rain, flood warning rain. We will still be doing cake and bbq.

Bryan is currently at his parents having his dad look in Noah's ears. I'm hoping we don't need to run to the walk in clinic. I think he may have an ear infection.

We went shopping yesterday for the material for Savanna's after Baptism dress. When I was baptized my grandma made me a GORGEOUS dress to wear afterwards, so she is helping me make Savanna one while she is here. I can't wait!

Oh and here is a video Brinae took of Mady Grace

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