Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sick bites!

Monday Sam came home with a fever of 103.5. When it wasn't gone on Wed I called the dr. They couldn't get him in until Thursday. By then Mady and Noah weren't feeling well either. When we got to the dr there had been a cancellation and the dr was able to see all four of them at once. Oh, Savanna has been complaining that her heart hurts, but the dr said it sounds great, she thinks she might have a bit of heartburn. So Sam has bronchitis, almost pnuemonia, and Noah and Mady have early bronchitis. It is absolitely NO FUN in this house right now. I feel like crap, too and I'm hoping it's just allergies and exhaustion, not anything else. We ended up taking Sam to the ER this morning. He was having an allergy attack (seasonal allergies) on top of everything else. I hope we all get better quickly. My grandma is coming from Canada this coming week and we won't get to spend any time with her unless we are all healthy again.


Michelle said...

Oh man! That really stinks! I'm so sorry. It's no fun, being sick yourself and having to take care of everybody else too. Hang in there honey!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry! It's no fun being sick and having to visit the er really stinks. I hope everyone gets better soon.