Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh wow

It's been forever. Things just seem to get away from me. Lets see if I can do a brief synopsis.

Sam had his surgery and is doing fantabulously! No problems whatsoever. It went great. He got to keep his *spot* which he delights in showing everyone. He's back to preschool and enjoys going now that he's not in pain all the time. Getting ready for Kindergarten next year. We have a meeting at the Primary school in a bit over a week to discuss his continued speech therapy.

Savanna is doing so super well. She is in the top of her first grade class. She is in one of the top 3 classes in the school. She had her 3rd nine weeks math test last week and made a 35 out of 33. I'm not entirely sure why she got extra points because there was no bonus question. I will have to ask her teacher after spring break is over.

They are both playing soccer this season. Savanna had a blast last fall and Sam is old enough this Spring. Their first game is next Saturday and they are super excited. Mady felt left out, so she had to get her own *hoccer* ball. It has Dora on it.

Madalyn is doing well, too. She likes to stay home and play with me. We've been getting together a lot with my friend Tonya, and her daughter Kaytlyn, who is Mady's best friend. We've also joined a playgroup and had a few fun playdates with them.

Bryan just started nightshift again. I hate it, but it's not as bad as the last time. He works 12 hour shifts Sunday, Monday, Tuesday nights and every other Saturday. He's ok with it, I'm the one who hates it. I hate doing bedtime by myself. This week was rough, but only because the kids were on Spring Break. It will be much easier to keep Mady quiet than it was to try to keep all three of them quiet when it was rainy outside.

I'm hanging in there. Getting more uncomfortable everyday. Only 8 more weeks left. I can't wait! We're trying to get everything all set up and ready. Bryan is doing a wonderful job helping me do the things I want done and putting up with all my complaining. Plus my horrible mood swings!!!! I'm trying to get all our supplies gathered up for our homebirth. I am so excited to be having this baby at home! It's what I've always wanted.

So that's it. Maybe now I can keep up again. *sigh* Not enough hours in the day.

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MommyK said...

Thanks for the update! How Is Mady doing with her lactose intolerance?